Product: Vetericyn Plus

Price: $9.68-29.27 (depending on size and type)

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Rating: 4.8/5.0

Vetericyn Plus is produced by a company, Innovacyn, Inc., which since 2009 has been a leader in creating innovative medicinal solutions and advancements in both the human and animal healthcare industry. The claim says “it is 100% non-toxic, contains no steroids, no antibiotics, no alcohols and no tea tree oil and is safe to use around the eyes, ears and mouth of your pet.” There are no known side effects and it causes no harm to healthy tissue. It is recommended to be used on hot spots, scratches, skin rashes, skin ulcers, cuts, burns and eye and ear maintenance (it’s pH balance makes this possible).

There are several different forms including eye wash (I personally have not had success in bovine pinkeye but it is useful in surface corneal ulcers in dogs), ear rinse and ophthalmic gel. For topical wounds, there is a liquid and a gel form (which I feel works better on most wounds). Vetericyn can also be used in many species including dogs, cats, exotics (including birds and reptiles)

Reptile skin care product.
Poultry labelled product.

, horses (will not test in performance or show horses) and livestock (including a naval care form for newborn animals). There is also a human label form, Puracyn, which can be found in most drug stores.

My personal experience has been with the hydro gel form, regular spray and ophthalmic form

Ophthalmic gel form

(has been useful in surface burns). The only type of wound that I have not had success with has been deep pocketed wounds which need to heal in and then it works well topically to finish the healing process. I have not used the ear rinse, but I will try to follow up later when I try it.

A new product I’ve discovered in researching this product is their Foam Care Medicated Shampoo and I’m looking forward to using it in some of my patients especially for yeast skin infections.

This company continues to seek and develop safe, effective and innovative animal healthcare products and remains the gold standard in hypochlorous technology providing wound care products on the market.