Are your pets like mine?–Enjoying the holidays as much as you or I do?  Mine love my extra time at home away from work and spending more time with them.  Of course, they also enjoy the holiday meals and gifts as well.  Did you get your pet a new gift or special treat this year?  If you didn’t, let’s see–What do you or your pet enjoy, need or want for the new year?  A new toy, bed, blanket, treats or a new pet door?  Would you like to have a picture of your pet, a cup with their picture on it or learn about your pet’s genetic line?  Let’s look at what’s available….

Special Gifts for Your Pet

There are so many items that are available now for our pets.  Treats, beds and blankets, a new food or new food bowl, a new pet door, collar or leash or even a new coat are all available on so many sites online.  Let’s take a look.  There are many different and special products at several websites such as, and that specialize in all natural products for all varieties of degenerative problems that our pets might experience. And has all types of fun products for your pets.  A nice toy for your feline friends is the kitty kick stix.  If you are looking to change your pet’s diet for any reason and want to try a raw food diet which is becoming more popular (I am personally  not a great fan of these unless you have a large breed dog and start as a puppy as the typical gastrointestinal tract of an older dog or cat is sensitive to change especially a raw type food) there is a nice website that has all types of food from kibble to freeze-dried to raw frozen and also dietary supplements.  Cherrybrook is a nice website that provides therapeutic natural products at reasonable prices. They have a wide variety of products from toys to grooming supplies to foods and also a nice line of cat products for us cat lovers.   Best Bully sticks offers all types of different natural treats such as jerky, bones and pig ears that are natural and wholesome dental products for all sizes of dogs.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate all of our pets.   Or do you have a favorite horse and need a nice skin care product?  Equiderma provides many nice products for horses and dogs especially for skin issues.   Please be careful and check with your veterinarian before any major  changes in your pet’s diet or treats.

Special Gifts for You and Your Pet

There are also many products available for you as well as your pet which may actually help each of you in your everyday lives.  Wouldn’t a new pet door from enduraflap be nice for both of you?  Or a set of new soft paws for your favorite cat or dog so they can stay your favorite and not destroy your new furniture, carpet or hardwood floors?   Is your dog a shelter pet or stray?  If you want to discover your pet’s possible ancestry or breeds within them, offers this with a simple cheek swab.  This could help you with any breed/genetic traits or medical problems common to certain breeds.  Do you want to buy pet insurance for them to help out with possible future medical problems (also helps your pocketbook!)  There are many companies available such as Pet Plan as well as Trupanion.  MyPetDMV is a nice site that provides a pet “license” for a very reasonable price.

Special Gifts for You

Or if you just need or want something for yourself, there are lots of products you might be interested in.  I found a site while looking around the web called Personalize My Pup that allows you to put your pet’s picture on a shirt, phone case or simply a canvas.  These look very nice either for yourself or as a gift for someone.


Do you really need a reason to get something for your pet or yourself?  I don’t think so!  Just do yourself a favor and check the internet for something special for yourself or special pet.  Or simply spend a bit more time with them as I’m doing this year with my slow-down in my brick and mortar store to 4 days a week with some occasional part days on the fifth day!  I must really learn to say NO more often!  My Saturdays  are now spending all day with my pets and they’re loving it as much as I do!  So do yourself a favor and give your pets something special this year and show them how you appreciate their loyalty and friendship  all year long.  I feel that they enjoy more time with us as much as any gift you can give them!